Saturday, January 9, 2010

Momma's Joy is 6 months

So for 6 months we get 2 pictures. I realize that eventually the shot will have to not be in the diaper, but for another 6 months i am going with it. What a healthy little chunk. Well weight, height and milestones wise. She is so pushing ahead. Still no teeth, but they are imminent. so on Tuesday January 5, 2010 6 months to the day Tabytha joy weighed 17 pounds was 25 3/4 inches long with a head circumference of 42.5 cm. she was also hitting the major milestones expected. The little bugger is trying to stand on her own. She is trying to sit up, but doing all abs so i wonder where she gets that from. I swear that i regularly see her try a pilates move. I will post about the hopkins visit, just in a separate one. This one can celebrate. The other one can go all dark and twisty.

I do so love her baby piggy toes. So cute. Everyone on Facebook kept commenting on her elbow dimples. Something i did not notice until then and am utterly charmed by. This is so my baby. She has a short time limit with anyone but me. She even has a short time limit when being around me and not held. I have always heard that a baby can not be spoiled for the first 6 months, i really hope that is true. Even daddy has a short time limit if mommy is not around. Last night it was 45 minutes. I was called back to tend to her it became so bad. I felt awful to see her so upset. The upside is that i appear to have made some progress with my knit stitch. Maybe in a few weeks i can try a purl stitch. Not sure if i will take her or not next month. Because daddy is home the second Friday of February. We will see, the ladies missed her.

I am still generally enjoying mommy baby dance. I think her issue is affecting it somewhat. i do generally like having a baby that is all about me. Some days though it would be nice to get a little more time not carrying around 17 pounds. I am pretty much carrying around all of the weight of the pregnancy again. Well the net effect is less because i am currently 9 pounds less then when i started. Still not satisfied with my shape yet. I really need to work on it. I did walk with a new partner yesterday in the snow. That looks like a promising development. Swimming next week with someone who will help with my breathing/face in the water issue.
So we will see.

Tabytha is really moving forward. Can't wait to see what she does in the next month.

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