Monday, May 17, 2010


Life is moving on. I am getting busy and consumed with other things and not blogging as much. Or maybe i need the free therapy less? That is what I called it to a friend. I am sure that situation will change. You know if we are blessed and do conceive again. Still not pregnant. This month i really wanted to cry. But I didn't. My husband it turned out was very disappointed that the day i was going to test it became obvious there was no need. That is in some odd way good news to me. And really trying is not such a bad thing in and of itself.

Part of the decreased writing is my shop. I have 2 or really even 3 now. Check out either and I am also on etsy. Sales are not what I need or even hoped for yet, but I am working with photographers and a couple other groups to get my name out. The crafting has a reward all its own beyond that as well. I find that I really like it. But that does take up a lot of nap time.

So Tabytha is growing and moving on. She is beginning to be a talking and walking toddler. The journey is fun. Somedays it is frustrating to put the living room back together for the fifth time. But even that i know is only a phase. This phase or season will last a little longer then some of the others have. And as soon as she ralizes she can walk I know the run is next.

I wanted to say a lot more, but doggies need to walk and time for me to get out of my robe.

More soon I promise including a post on my maternity session 1 year and 2 days ago

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