Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another leg done. At first my thought was leg one done, but that is not the case. Every other class I have taken in college has played a role in this semester. Both in terms of credit counts and how I choose to attack this semester, or leg of the journey. Somehow the idea of boat type of analogies come to mind. I have not so much started from fresh as adjusted course. Or maybe it is more like I am getting another chance to visit somewhere I had doubts I would make.

Either way if is a leg or a new start this piece is done. Not just finished, but conquered! Well a 4.0 sure feels that way. I think Statistics may have been a bit of a gift, but it is one I am not returning for sure! I will say thank you with a big old grin. I am loathe to say it is deserved, but I sure did work for it. Wow the days of craziness and near to fight my way through a 40 problem homework. 38 of those being multiple part one with like a-d. Very glad to have that done. I might still break out the book at the end of the week to run back through a few ideas from the last chapter. Because my knowledge from the course is clearly not a gift. Truly something earned.

The little break I get to spring clean and organize the house and well my life is nice. I am just as ready to jump right back in and have time off with the kids to enjoy. But really I can enjoy time off with Tabytha. Even at 2 there are glimmers in everyday. It takes effort to see every fit the frustration it is. I will saw that my jaw is was less clenched when I do.

I am so grateful to all who played a part in my completing the restart of my journey. Bless you all. Mostly to my husband and children. Yes family all week I will cook and we can even after 4:30 this week.

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