Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiration and a new Direction.

I am not sure whether to title this post inspiration or a slightly new post. I guess when i am done typing and name we will all know.

Yes i am back and alive. I will do another post on how the semester went and completing a leg on the journey.
I woke up yesterday morning and felt the need to create. Not with yarn, but with food. It felt like the last few weeks had been all about grind it out and move on. I wanted to spend time and make something new so I did. It felt almost like the thought was blessed. One of the first posts on my facebook feed was a corn pasta. Yeah I had a plan. The link to the blog i got it from is here I am so glad to have found her.

We went to market and got some great local ingredients.

Baby red romaine gave way to a great salad. I mixed in some micro greens from the same vendor as the romaine. To make it even better i roasted some cherry tomatoes. A buck a pack at ACME, no way I could pass that up.

This times I was good. I kept to the recipe for the pasta. I did use whole wheat angel hair in place but otherwise I went with it as written. It is a pretty pasta.

I just can't wait to use fresh eastern shore sweet corn. Just thinking about the local corn makes my mouth water. Really enjoy living here and I plan to spend the next few years enjoying everything about it.

I had some frozen flavored shrimp and decided to round out the meal with that. I did not snap before serving so here is a picture of myhusband's plate.

I got a funny look just taking that one.
Oh and the salad with roasted tomatoes and the parm cheese.

I called the blog Cora's take and i really want it to be just that my take. My take on everything not just the mental disfunction I have focused on. So look for posting more often and on more things. More on every area of my life.

I like cooking so a lot more of that will be featured. But it will not be all about that even if I do feed between 4-6 people everyday.

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