Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 Months

I really can't believe that Tabytha is 9 months old. She turned yesterday, but today was the doc appointment. I feels a little more real after that. She has now been out as long as I carried her. Kinda feels odd. Time to grow another one i guess.
Baby girl is growing up. :(
but seeing her discover the world makes me :)
She is growing and seems so perfect in many ways. She weighed 19 pounds 12 ounces was 27 ad 1/4 inches long and her little head was 44 cm. What a nice healthy baby she is. I wish that she would sleep better at night. Last night she fell asleep in her own crib after much terrorizing of me. Maybe that can happen again tonight minus the terrorizing of me.
I have some pics of the last few day and will add them before posting. I did not get any today of her in her green dress before we had to go on to another outfit. But the shorts are cute and will add those at the bottom.
i feel so blessed that God chose to bless me with such a beautiful baby. She is already trying to walk and says momma already. She even said another male parent once already. But momma was definitely first! And yes i am petty enough for that to matter. I might have led to her being very spoiled already though. But really how spoiled can a baby be? She is very attached to me though. I often wonder if going so mental while pregnant with her caused some of that. In fact in just another 17 days it will be one year to the day when i thought she was trying to come early. That day will be recapped in depth when the time comes.

Still not officially knocked up yet. Sure hope that i can post something on that soon. I am meeting on the 20th with a vbac friendly doc. Don't know yet if she does 2 time loosers, but really what is $100 to know. I just hope it is not too many trips at $100 a pop. But the funny thing is i really want to go with my doctors. i know and trust them. WEll trust for a healthy baby. My first visit or annual, whichever comes first, i will clear the whole vbac secret air. Then maybe i will feel better with the whole thing.

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