Saturday, November 20, 2010


That was the message i kept getting on all fronts yesterday. NOt something that I do well. I do not remember praying for patience. I guess God decided that the time was now for me to get that one. Seriously every front had extra hoops and wait type of answer. Yippy skippy.
Both the new re worked dream, the baby one and even the end answer to the baby one. So i guess i have no choice but to wait. Well starting in January i can take some small steps for a few ones. Oh even the job one had a semi-wait. I heard that the position i applied for is in no rush and might be waiting till the first of the year. Really??

It does make me wonder what big even is coming for the next 6 weeks that requires me to have time available? I am trying to assume good and not bad. But too many blindsides for the bad not to pop up first. Hmm maybe the message really is that trust word. Bleech. When i find out who has been praying for me to get that patience thing the game is on.

But with a little mind adjustment i am looking forward to fake thanksgiving at a friend's house. The 2 plus hour drive each way not so much. Who know maybe the day with all of the loud boys of various ages will send me running home screaming please God no baby boys. Somehow I doubt it though. I am sure much fun will be had by all. An afternoon with toddler boys will be great forTabytha.

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