Sunday, October 11, 2009


So why am i dog tired and unable to nap?  I am not just a little tired, i am wiped out.  like don't make me focus, because i can't.   It had me zoning out for a large part of church.  ok some of that was the awe i feel when i look at baby is she sleeping, smiling or sleeping with that beautiful smile on her face.  Heather and Derrika did such a wonderful job of capturing that is come beautiful shots.  But there is not denying that a lot of it was covered by the tiredness.  i am having such a hard time falling asleep during the day.  I miss napping.  When will it return??  will it return.  
Any moms out there that can offer a word of encouragement?  Because i really need some right now.  Gotta run baby is cranking in the swing.  i guess that my free time for the day is over.  Much more to come on this subject. I know some of the problem is my dreams and the places where my mind wanders.  

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