Friday, September 18, 2009

Pilates and accupuncture

Yesterday i had my first mat pilates class and my first accupuncture session.  The ultimate definition of insanity seems to be doing the same old thing and expecting a different result.  So along those lines i am willing to try a few new things.  I have done mat classes in the past and ow this one is great.  Lex is a great teacher.  The class is challenging, in some parts more so then my reformer routine.  It is also longer!  So even more toning and calorie burning.  Some posture defects were pointed out to me as being a major player in my leg difficulties so time to address that.  I figure a class where posture is checked is a good thing.  And if more intense work helps lift by butt again even better. 

The accupuncture was very interesting.  I do know that i feel better this morning.  Stiff from the hour class yesterday, but the shoulder is just fine.  I think i overtrained one day last week and my shoulder had nagged at me all week.  So far today it is not talking at all.  If a few sessions of accupuncture help, then what is the harm.  Other things have helped to keep it managable, but i need to be fixed at this point.  I need to be fixed for a lot more then just my messed up leg.  

So next week i am starting a new bible study at a nearby church.  Why not here?  Well 2 main reasons.  First right now i need to be fed.   Show up and be refilled with the love of god and scripture.  I have allowed a gap there and that needs to be corrected.  Nothing like a Beth Moore study to get one back into the word.  The second is that my circle has gotten entirely too small.  Since that is an issue for me time to fix it as well.  Hopefully between the class and the bible study god will put some more people into my path.  And if not at least i have put some effort into it.  Because no one can expect things to change by just sitting home and hoping.  

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