Saturday, November 7, 2009

4 Months

On Thursday my miracle turned 4 months.  this picture is in the doctors office after exam and before the 4 shots and on oral vaccine.  Yep i am all for vaccines.  We get flu shots every year and swine flu this year.  The nice thing about 38 is i don't politically correct so no new name here, it is swine flu.  Sorry side rant.  I tend to do those.  So my healthy growing little girl weighed 15 pounds and 5 ounces and is 24 and 3/4 inches long.  Wow i just can't believe it.  What a miracle.  

Now real traits of personality are starting to emerge.  She is one happy talker.  This week she has been very verbal.  Nice and loud.  Yeah.  Kevin swears she laughed out loud last night.  Too cute.  The grin that she bursts into is truly touching.  I will have to post a photo of it.  I will look around and try to get on here this week.  

Kind of nervous about the upcoming week.  Kevin will be in sc for his last week of ministry classes.  So just me and the girls.  I hope that i the energy i need to be there for aj like she needs.  Baby is still not sleeping as much as i would like.  I was planning on putting her in the crib yesterday, but rethought that.  Maybe when daddy gets back.  i am sure she will be full time in the bed with me.  Yep i am a vaccinator and i let the newborn sleep in my bed.  She has a bassinet and starts the night there, just once she awakes i see no need to put her back in it.  

No sad thoughts just joy about my Tabytha Joy!  The name really seems to fit her.  I feel like we really have a groove going.  Looking forward to enjoying every bit of our mommy baby dance.

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