Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obsession Update

So the bread obsession is rolling on.  Some results are better then others.  I am realizing that i will most likely need to invest in a good cookbook for the varieties that i want.  So far i have one recipe that is a nah not again.  It is a banana recipe from, it was not terrible, just lacked flavor and my banana bread quick bread recipe is much better.  I have one that has been made a few times and will stay in rotation i am sure.  It is a rosemary bread recipe also from  I have subbed slightly using part fresh rosemary from my garden and part already dried herbs.  

I have tried 2 different oatmeal bread recipes and will most likely try both again as well any others in search of the one that is just right.  I really want to play with some whole grain breads.  i have some whole wheat flour and milled flax seeds in that effort.  Now i just need to find a recipe that calls for them.  It is challenging in this area to find whole wheat bread flour, so i hope that regular whole wheat flour will be ok.  

My husband has mentioned an olive bread several times, so i will need to do one of those sometime soon as well.  But i wonder how many jars of olives that will require.  Looking forward to trying pizza dough one day as well.  

Maybe this winter obsession will be one i develop some skill with.  At least i might come up with some cute holiday gift ideas.  

Still glad for any recipe suggestions.  

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