Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crib Time

So Sunday night i put TAbytha to bed in her crib.  I thought it would take longer, but it was time.   She was barely fitting in her bassinet.  i need to find and post a pic to show how tight it really is.  Not ready to pack away the bassinet yet, but time to start sleeping in the crib at least a few times a day.  It is amazing how gigantor she looks in the bassinet and how small she looks in the crib.  

The first night in the crib went well.  A block of more then 6 hours, one i really needed.  The second night not near as good.  I will let you know how day 3 goes.  Hopefully i can get a nice long block again tonight.   Last night felt like every hour, i know i got one block close to 3, but i am wiped.  

I expected to feel sad or something, but it just felt right.  Maybe that only proves that it was time.  Still loving our mommy baby dance, just know the days are numbered.  Mommy little girl dance should be just as good.  

i wanted to post and go deeper, but my fussy baby needs me to sideways nurse her to sleep.  

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