Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

WE did have one.  Well one minor burp, but we decided to enjoy our simple day.  We focused on no pressures and no running.  I have a couple of friends who ran all day, to the point that it really disrupted their celebrating.  The best decision was the one to celebrate the gift that we received in July.  It did help a lot. WE took our time with everything and really enjoyed ourselves.  

So simpler can be just as nice.  
I got my appointment set for the urologist.  Not sure how i am doing with that, but until i go it is hard to know how or what to feel.  I love my daughter and want her to have the best possible life.  I am not sure if i would rather hear wait and it might resolve, or in 3 months we will e,y or z to fix it.  The thought of surgery is not nice, but neither is waiting for years to see.  So i am doing all that i can.  I am enjoying my baby and leaving the rest in God's hands.  Because it is all there anyways.  No need to make myself crazy stressing about something i can not control.  But i will not shut off feeling, because that does not work either.  

Lovelykins wakes so time to go

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