Monday, December 14, 2009

The yucks

My husband has been ill with some head cold type of thing for almost a week now.  My general response to this is to generally functionally isolate him.  Yes i am a germaphobe.  This time for some odd reason i did not.  I have been feeling really good physical health wise and supplementing rather well.  i think that arrogance was my downfall.  Two days in a row now i woke up with the yucks.  Today feels a little worse then yesterday.  So now i have added gargling and increased supplementing-i added vit c, acidolophis and garlic.  I was hoping to feel better today.  Hopefully, tomorrow.  The down comforter is coming off the bed and the thermostat is going back down another degree or two.  

Tabytha even seemed very stuffy this morning.  SO the humidifier is getting turned back on.  I really thought with the near constant rain the air would be wet enough.  God knows that the ground all around Millington is sure saturated.  The amount of standing water is amazing.  But i will try anything to have us both feeling better.  Well anything but an over the counter cold remedy- ironically the only thing my husband tries.  We so live on different planets when it comes to health and wellness.  

I need to be better.  I hate feeling sickly and i so do not want to miss Lex this week.  My carb consumption is through the roof.  But christmas cookies are yummmy.  12 days to go, then time to cut the sweets for a bit.  

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