Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lovelykins is sick

My poor little baby has her first real illness.  She was so grumpy and off and we got a slight fever so i sucked it up and saw the doc i am not too fond of in my group.  Slight indications of an ear infection, but the super messy diaper we had right before leaving gave him a clue of another possible cause.  WE meant a cath to catch urine to get a ua and culture.  UA came back suspicious.  So switch from amox which is cheap and everywhere to supra which is little farther away and a lot more $$.  Like 112 after insurance.  ouch.  But thank god i had it!  The iodine they use to get everything clear for the cath is no fun.  I had that done at 29 weeks and my hoo-hoo was annoyed for 2 days.  I was seriously less annoyed from the cath during surgery.  Poor little thing.  

I feel like such an awful mother.  I thought she was just cranky.  She was miserable Tuesday while i was running around doing errands.  I thought she was pissed to be in the car seat after all day sunday.  The the cranks yesterday were just frustrating.  At least i got her in.  Ikes a uti which are no fun at all.  My poor little lovelykins.  Hopefully another dose and the irritation will be gone.  This one feels so much more serious then thrush did.  I just feel so awful for her and like such a rotten mother.  I did not even try the crib.  She woke right after getting sat in the bassinet so all night with us.  Which means yet another night of no sleep for me.  

Sleep like a baby?! snort.  what a joke, they move and kick and wake and turn and keep the parent they are lying close aganist up all night.  thus the blog post before 6am.  At 5 i gave up trying to sleep.  So guess who hasn't slept since Sunday?  That is right me.  So prayers that i can make it through the next 2 days.  Kevin is in hunt valley getting training for a new revenue stream that he needs to finish to be considered for the work.  Thank god, but no pay of course so i am on when he is working and this counts at least imo.  So just holding out till friday night.  Then he is on if she is still up all night.  

AT least we should have clear skies later today.  So baby, mommy and 2 little doggies are going for a long walk.  Hopefully no one will melt down on it.  

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