Tuesday, December 8, 2009


ok looking at a picture of Tabytha in her crib and bassinet brought something home to me.  It often is all about perspective.  I know the quality on the one picture is awful, but hopefully it conveys how gigantic she appears in the bassinet.  Yes she has about that much room at her feet as well.  

The picture of her in the crib makes her look so tiny.  In reality she is a healthy baby who is on perfectly on target based on her birth weight.  The pictures are taken within 2 days of one another.  

But boy does she look different based on her environment.  So many ways to go with that thought.  So as i am sitting her at home feeling all left behind and alone i know that is not true.  Sometimes we jut need to change surroundings to get a clearer look at the situation.  

gotta run the Tabytha awakens

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