Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I am not always a big resolutions person, but this year feels different.  Not only am i doing resolutions, i am breaking them down by categories.  This post will not catch them all, but i have several already listed and this seems like a good holding spot for them.  I am going to work on a tracker so i can see what all i get through.  

brazil butt lift, more swimming which will require me to feel safe putting my face in the water again, wii fit and a partner to do more walks with and someone to try running with.  Also more yoga and less beating myself up.  

Cooking/Food:I am going to master crepes-have the most fab banana sauce inspired by bananas foster- and souffle. fab gooey and decadent chocolate souffle.  I want to try more ethnic cooking as well.  Like Indian or thai.  Stuff i enjoy eating out and don't make at home.  Our new economic reality makes that pretty essential.  I am also going to make more foods that i enjoy, like squid and mussels.  The rest of the gang around is going to have to suck it up and eat the stuff or starve.  

homemaking: Time to address the clutter and clusters all over this house.  Then i will more comfortable to have people over.  I miss socializing with friends.  Plus this way i can host a few friends who have us over a lot.  It might even help with the less stressing part of my wellness goal.  Not to mention the toddler i will have soon means a sqaured away home is necessary.  

Family: enjoy them more.  Bond be tighter.  Some of those things are happening naturally with being in more.  Maybe even some of the cooking with aj.  A lot more grace and break giving, being a little less high strung---but not with being pigs!  

Friends- work on being a better one and expanding my circle.  

bible reading to be more frequent and deeper.  

Finances: to get off the feast or famine cycle.  Get some real savings and make that automatic.  Like i would love to end the year with 10k in a plain old saving account and an active retirement fund.  

Fun to live deeper and have a better life.  A week at the beach.  We are going somewhere even if we just stay in a tent.  The water is calling me.  Going for a week with everyone to San Diego would be even better, but Hilton Head could be just as fab.  
Well i doubt that is everything, but it is quite a long start at least.  I do tend find the first year after a baby a great time to start over for me as well. 

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