Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A 5 hour block of sleep

So last night Tabytha slept for a block of 5 hours.  Yeah!  Hopefully this will be a new trend that will be repeated nightly.  Because the 4 plus hour block of that i slept was great.  Tomorrow i will need to set an alarm to make sure a child is off to school on time.  I now get to resume driving to Chestertown at least twice a day.  So tomorrow my plan is to swim after dropping child off at school.  How weird it will be to swim not pregnant.   I wonder if I will be comfortable to put my face in the water?  Of course the plan to swim on Wednesday has a greater of chance of success then the one on Monday because I will be driving my daughter to school.  

But dwelling on my high schooler can wait a minute, or a day.  I have plenty of time to go wow what did I do?!!  The good lord willing i also have plenty of time to enjoy both of my girls.  the driving well that not so much.  But this year has taught that everyday is a gift.  Even more so when not burdened by the clouds of grief, fear and anxiety.  The anxiety i feel trying to creep back, but today i banish it with the knowledge that God is good.

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