Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swimming and high school

This morning is the first time that i went swimming since the first of July.  I am not sure if I swam July 1 even, but definately not after that because I was terrified of my water breaking while I was in the pool.  I have heard that my doctor is more concerned about someone not knowing, but i was afraid that i would know.  That i would know because someone would point the trail of funk behind me.  Since i knew that i wanted to go back and would die if  that happened once it seemed like i was getting slightly more regular contractions i decided to skip the pool.  5 days was easy to do.  Had I gone the full 9 days to my scheduled surgery I am not sure I would have made it.  But the point of the post is how nice it felt to drift and push through the water.  Boy am i out of shape though.  Still did not put my face in the water for freestyle stroke.  20 plus minute of really going at it wore me out; and i know that my pace this morning was not full out.  

My swim today  did get me thinking about running.  I hate to run.  like really truly loathe it.  Some how the swim that kicked my butt got me thinking that running would get my conditioning right back where it needs to be.  It also pointed how trashed my abs are.  Now i am very motivated to get time on my performer and core max.  

Aj started school today.  No building change or anything, but it is still her first day of highschool.  I really should have gotten a picture, but well i did not think of it and the scene would not have been nice.  For some reason she hates it when i take her picture.  Maybe after school she will let me get a shot.  But i doubt i will forget the moment.  So here is the confessional piece of this just felt like a normal day.  I was more of a wow moment to imagine her starting 9th grade then it was dropping her off this morning.  After leaving the school and heading to the college to swim it felt more like life is back to normal.  

Is that bad?  Or is it just that often we get more bowled over thinking of the big events in our life then living them?  Or is it that life is a series of normal days that reveal our biggest triumphs?  Because sending off the remarkable young woman I gave birth to felt like a real triumph this morning.  

Next big journey is college, but is something to ponder in another 4 years....and pre-k for Tabytha which is scarier today. The my nursing newborn starting school is just...well i doubt i need to explain that feeling to any mother out there.  At least not one who sent a child off to any sort of journey this fall.  

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