Friday, August 21, 2009

Packed Away baby clothes

So funny that after posting on beginnings and endings yesterday this morning started off with baby clothes that needed to be put away.  My husband got up after me with Tabytha and noticed that she needed a diaper and a gown change.  So he went to grab a onesie as it was already so hot.  He grabbed a few that she had already outgrown.  I pretty much knew that she had, but had not tried them on and put them away yet.  I now have a decent sized pile of things that no longer fit her.  Sort of fitting in light of the idea of how fleeting every season is.  I know that pile of too small thing will only continue to grow.  At least i hope that it does because the alternative is not nice at all.  But still a little sad to see it grow so quickly.  

I ditched the beach with the family to stay in.  Which for me is remarkable.  Too hot out and well I need a break after a few days stuck in a car or the house with everyone.  I had fantasies of getting so much done.  That did not happen as is often the case for parents of 6 week olds.  Kevin piled the  older girls off the play in the sand and i met a friend for lunch.  Hopefully a good day for all.  A real treat since this morning started with a twinge of melancholy.  This afternoon after time in the word and a day with just me and the baby seems to hold much more promise and joy.  

Good is good.  Nice time today in the proverbs and Nehemiah 8.  I could feel the peace descend as i dwelt on the meaning and promise of the Word.  God is good! 

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