Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleeping babies, church and the beginning of an idea

So this morning i am missing church.  Tabytha is sleeping.  Last night she was not so happy for an almost 4 hour period that finally ended with her going to sleep at 11:30.  I am loathe to wake her after that incident.  Plus I know that she has to be very sleepy.  This morning i put a robe on her right after the bath, so i would need to dress her before walking next door.  I hope this is just not an excuse.  But she is only 8 weeks old today.  wow that seems so long ago.  When she is not cranky and inconsolable i really enjoy my baby girl.  I doubt many parents go yippee at the sight or sound of their child in fuss mode.  

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Some friends came to visit.  It was very nice to see them.  The trip also gave me a glimmer of an idea of what to do next.  I am not going into a lot of detail here today, but at least i have something to look into now.  Just something at an idea maybe level feels good.  The search also put another thought into my mind.  I saw a school that offers a bs in holistic nutrition, maybe it was holistic health.  That might be a good idea for me in itself.  But that is not the idea i am looking into at this point.  That night be more of a nice add-on.  First my idea will take some real world, girlfriend and sister advice/input.  That and some $ for what might be upto 12k for school.  But eh really what is a little more debt.  Funny how that car which i avoided getting now has me going eh what is a little deeper of hole?  I guess school is a better thing to go into debt for then jeans, jewels or cars.  

Funny this is the first post in awhile where i am looking at what to do next.  Funny because that is the point of the blog, at least that is what i said when i started it.  Maybe one just needs to clean and clear out the old to focus on the new.  Maybe it is just about the journey of my life.  Today the sun is shinning and i plan on reveling in that while i can.

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