Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Post

Ok so here goes.  This idea has floated in the brain for a bit and now it is time to try it.  It feels weird now that I started.  The ideas floated in my head so much easier when it was just an idea.  Another Tuesday with no doctor visits.  This was week 5 without them, and i think the day felt empty in part because it still seems weird not to be going to a doc visit on a Tuesday.  After 6 months of every month, then every week with a nst from 30 weeks on, it still feels like Tuesday should have some sort of a doctor/hospital visit.   That does not even include the visits to Annapolis with the perinatologist.    

Next week will have 2, one for Tabytha to get a final look at the hip and an omt for me.  I get the 6 week check with the ob on Monday.  The Monday appointment seems like a final sign that the pregnancy is indeed done.  Looking forward to the next 6 months with baby.  I have waited so long to do this, so why do I feel so lost?  Is that normal?  

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