Monday, August 17, 2009

Off the Broke Reserve List

So happy about to jump for joy.  Pilates here I come.  Man it feels so good to be free of restrictions.  I have felt so much better today then before.  I told the ob that i felt more sane now then during the pregnancy.  Hopefully, this feeling good is not some sort of temporary thing.  I did score pretty well on my ppd screening so maybe that is good news.  There have been a few days when i thought that monster had gotten me.  I do know that it can still strike for the next few months at least.  But I got a much better report on it then I expected.  

Since April  I have lived in the land of can't.  I expected at any turn of a corner to start bleeding or some other pregnancy caused complication.  Since July of course incision fears.  Those were more daunting then the previa concerns.  Wheew the relief to just be told you are under no restrictions.  Now if only this leg would behave.  

The best was according to the doc my risks of having Placenta Previa did skyrocket like I thought. Which seems odd, but the man does know his stuff.  Not that I am sure eager to rush into another surgery.  Wow how did such a natural girl(well ok outside of the hair color,basic grooming and tan from a bottle)  end with her only option being option c?    Is that reason enough to raise 2 only children?  But there is time to answer this question.  Plus I am banishing fear for now.  God is good and has showed me recently that restoration is possible.  

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